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Richard Nixon, Barack Obama, and the nuclear alert.
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  2. New advice needed on four-minute warning of nuclear attack
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Four Minute Warning Two tales of love and loss and nuclear war. Thirteen Minutes Caught in a supermarket, when the alarm goes off, Michael and David admit some unspoken truths to each other before the bombs fall. Some background information: Four Minute Warning is a short story of words.

Thirteen Minutes is a short story of words. Both stories are digital premieres and have never been published previously. Thirteen Minutes was written as part of the July short story challenge. The idea was to write a short story per day in July Four Minute Warning was later written as a companion piece.

New advice needed on four-minute warning of nuclear attack

Unlike most of the other stories I wrote for the July challenge, there was no clearly definable inspiration for Thirteen Minutes. However, a few days before I researched the blast radius of nuclear bombs and watched some videos of nuclear bomb tests for another of the July challenge stories, Operation Rubber Ducky. I suspect that Thirteen Minutes was quite literally the fall-out from that research. I have no idea where the gay love story angle came from, though.

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Whereas in West Germany at the same time, it was considered a given that we were all dead anyway, if nuclear war should ever break out, and that hiding out in fall-out shelters would only prolong the inevitable. The titles both refer to the average time the nuclear weapons launched in the former Soviet Union would need to reach the UK or the US approximately.

4 Minute Warning by Radiohead Song Statistics | qisihoca.ml

Thirteen Minutes is a more of a response to nuclear armageddon stories in general, but Four Minute Warning is a response to a very particular story, the British nuclear war drama Threads and particularly the attempts of some of the character in said film which is actually very good, probably the best example of the genre to build make-shift shelters in their homes from doors and mattresses.

The Protect and Survive civil defence leaflets with their stick figures and ineffective survival tips are real and were available in Britain in the early s. An example can be seen here. The leaflets also briefly show up in Threads and Where the Wind Blows.


The radio emergency message in Four Minute Warning which plays after the alarms go off is also real and includes snippets from the actual message that would have been broadcast by the BBC in case of an impending nuclear attack. The various attractions mentioned are all real, by the way. The setting of Thirteen Minutes , on the other hand, is wholly fictional. And so I reflected, as the speakers' presentations asked, 'how do we contemplate the future? And how do we contemplate the future of marketing?

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The customer-brand partnership, therefore, is evolving drastically.

As Sapient Nitro's Magnus Fitchett noted, today's consumers don't want to be told a story - they want to help tell the story. Co-creation, collaboration and participation are the new hot strategies that mean messages are no longer linear and shared experiences are the priority for how marketers execute. Fitchett warned against the current trend of 'storytelling' becoming 'story-yelling' and reminded the audience that a more inclusive, thoughtful approach to creating experiences will yield better results and closer engagement.

Marketers, he remarked, leverage stories to change perceptions and drive behaviours. And those stories, Mel McVeigh of Opposite Days Studio noted, need to make people not multi-task, but stop and pay attention. For me, that's key - it's at the heart of what the future of marketing will look like if it's done right.

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