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  1. A model considered worthy of imitation
  2. North San Jose a Worthy Model for the City's Future | San Jose Inside
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A model considered worthy of imitation

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North San Jose a Worthy Model for the City's Future | San Jose Inside

Meanwhile, TechCrunch focused on the iPhone 11's cameras, especially the new night-mode feature designed to take vivid, high-quality pictures at night. Lauren Goode at Wired concluded that although the iPhone 11 "is not the most innovative smartphone available" on the market, it's the best option for anyone putting off an iPhone upgrade.

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Goode also said the iPhone 11 felt faster in its actions and touches than previous models. CNET summed up its review by calling the iPhone 11 the best "midtier" phone out there, with Apple prioritizing key components like speed and battery over flashier features. Find News. Follow us on:. Also check out:. All rights reserved. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service , Cookie Policy , and Privacy Policy.

Contact us! Thanks guys! I'll keep that in mind for sure.

A Worthy Model

I'll try and do some more complicated models. Tereith , Feb 11, Joined: Jan 27, Posts: 6, As I mentioned in the other thread, normalmap is bad and needs to be redone. It is not about "muddiness", it is about normalmap being improperly generated. As of now you obviously created it by running diffuse texture through normalmapper filter. Because of that, the boxes do not look like wood, and instead looks like carton with box painted on it.


The purpose of normalmap is to represent object's relief, don't forget that. And object relief doesn't exactly match color of original photo.

Basically, this kind of texture would be better off without normalmap and it would be useful for old-school lightning, Quake 3 style. You know, from before per-pixel lightning shaders. Another solid way to learning; actually the way I learned how to 3D model was: Forget texturing. Start with just making models; focus on proper topology and proper practices and just push out model after model.

Once you have a collection of practice models and you feel comfortable with modeling itself, move on to textures. Then sculpting, rigging, animation, etc Joined: Dec 29, Posts: 12, Disclaimer: I'm no modeller or artist. You're already making stuff that's far better than anything I've ever modelled.

  • North San Jose a Worthy Model for the City’s Future;
  • Motivated to Change.?
  • A Worthy Model;
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That said I'd suggest picking a thing in your house, then modelling that thing. Then compare your model to the thing and try to see how it's different. Your model won't look exactly the same, but you want to figure out what differences make your model look fake and focus on addressing those things. My brain recognizes that it's a TV, but my eyes don't "believe" it. It doesn't look "real".

Here's a few reasons as to why: The edges look wrong. It's too square overall, the corners and edges are too harsh. There's no difference in texturing or colouring at the edges, such as a border or visible join. It's rare for real objects to have mathematically perfect, sharp edges with no seam and no change in material.