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As you think about gifts this Christmas, we hope you will think of the meaning of these names given to Jesus by those who knew and loved Him. Then you will be reminded of the blessings of this special holiday. A few miles from Bethlehem where Jesus was born is the city of Jerusalem where He died for us. This too is part of the Christmas story.

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Jesus gave not only His life but His gospel for each of us. His gift of the gospel was freely given to the world. But just as a gift is of little value if you put it on a shelf and never use it, the fulness of the gospel cannot bring the greatest happiness unless you understand its message of hope and gladly live its teachings.

Kids are also learning what is acceptable treatment of others. Nelson: When kids see consequences for abusive behavior or violence against others, they learn that in addition to altruistic reasons for civilized behavior, aka, violence is bad for everyone, there are practical considerations—violence is bad for me. For example, Dad getting arrested and ordered to stay away from the family after attacking Mom or the kids is a highly teachable moment.

What to Write in a Kid's Birthday Card | American Greetings

It could easily deteriorate into feelings of sympathy for poor dad, but can be explained to children that this is what happens when you act violently. No one else caused it, controlled it or deserved it.

Sign up for emails Receive new and helpful articles weekly. Sign up here. Nelson: It should not be shrouded in a cloak of insults and putdowns, but rather validation and clarity. We treat each other with kindness and respect.

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But modeling is important. Kids are very much affected by the social orb outside of the family.

48 Encouraging Words Your Kids Need to Hear

To be treated with respect and kindness by other adults in their lives, to have clear messages in schools that violence is not tolerated, that the community provides services and support to those in domestic violence situations—these are powerful elements in teaching children that violence is wrong, that no one deserves abuse and that there is safety and understanding available in their community. If a survivor doesn't escape, and a child grows up witnessing or experiencing abuse, what can be done by the non-abusive parent to help their child avoid a similar fate?

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We are also imprinted through media, religion, popular culture—we are given some very mixed messages about love, sex, violence and relationships. We all develop coping skills and resilience, often by happenstance. What is probably most important for children raised in a home where their mothers and perhaps siblings and themselves are battered, is healing from the violence.

50 Inspiring Children’s Books with a Positive Message

A close relationship with the non-abusive parent statistically, most often the mother , safety and safety planning , strong relationships with siblings, and connections to other supportive, nurturing adults, fosters resilience and healing. Children should not be put in a position of defending the other parent, or feeling defensive—they will most likely retain feelings of love for the abusive parent, while simultaneously hating the abuse, and the disruption and fear the abuser has caused everyone in the family and maybe beyond.

This dichotomy can be confusing, frustrating and upsetting to children or, really, anyone. While there is no pat system for doing it and every child and case is different, it is important to help children accept what is going on, understand it and deal with it.. Children are just as impacted by the positive, loving and nurturing figures in their lives as they are by the bad ones—try to make sure that children are exposed to positive people and messages.

Be those people for kids when you can.

A Christmas Message to Children of the Church in Every Land

Women living with violence are hard-pressed to give their children positive messages, when their daily lives are telling another story. Please remember, [a survivor] is probably doing the best [he or she] can.

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  6. We can each be those people who are really there for all the children in our lives. Read more articles about helping kids deal with domestic violence in our Children and Teens section.