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1. You’re not resetting your camera dials at the end of each shoot
  1. 10 Common Photography Mistakes Every Beginner Should Avoid
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  3. 10 Mistakes New Photographers Make And How To Avoid Them

Start by learning the ins and outs of Aperture Priority mode.

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If you want even more control over your camera, you can transition to Manual mode. Depending on the direction of the light, your photos can be soft, dramatic, or striking.

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If the light comes from in front of your subject i. If the light comes from behind your subject i. The light will create a golden halo around your subject. And if the light comes from beside your subject i. The subject will be only partially illuminated — and partially shrouded in shadow.

5 stupid PHOTOGRAPHY MISTAKES 📷 Every photographer made

Following the rule of thirds. But make sure that it enhances the subject. You should also make sure to review your images.

Consider what you like about them. Consider what you can improve.

10 Common Photography Mistakes Every Beginner Should Avoid

There are tons of great photography sites out there including this one! Try perusing them for fifteen minutes every day. And this, in turn, will enhance your photography. Take the time to browse the internet and learn the right way to clean and prepare your gear.

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Follow any care instructions given to you when you purchase something new, and add a cleaning routine to your work process to keep your devices working their best. Again, it would be a shame for your gear to be working less than optimally simply because you got careless with your upkeep routine. A better approach involves slowing down, and spending more time to really observe and connect with the subject.

Photography it seems, can lead to more than just a set of photos, but also life experiences and knowledge. By studying subjects through the lens, it leads to a deeper understanding of the world around you. Trust us, a few moments spent making helpful adjustments before the shot will save you much more post production time soon down the road.

10 Mistakes New Photographers Make And How To Avoid Them

The New York Institute of Photography has trained thousands of photographers all over the world. Find out how you can learn to take better photos. Geoff Maxwell. Student Login. Request Info. Are you guilty of some of the most common mistakes made by photographers?